25th Ukrainian Mounted Rifle Regiment, Troop B

Leading, that others may follow!

Welcome to the 25th, comrade!

We are a group of re-enactors, and living historians, who have chosen to portray Troop B, 25th Ukrainian Mounted Rifle Regiment.  The 25th was a Territorial Defense Army unit of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.  Like all such units, after the unprovoked attack by Nazi Germany, this unit was "activated" for national service during the Great Patriotic War!

 As a unit, we are non-political, and do not support, or espouse Marxism, Communism, or any other political ideology or point of view.  We exist primarily to educate the public and our fellow re-enactors about the history of this specific unit, the history of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War (WWII), and as true, and accurate a depiction of life in the Soviet Union, and that of a soldier in combat, at this time.